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Delivers over 40 comprehensive range of nutrients that include essential vitamins,antioxidants,minerals and cofator needed for long term optimal healty of every aduit,uses ingredients in the safest and bio-available forms,which helps prevent diseases.
~Contains full range of antioxidants for comprehensive,full-body protection from oxidative stress,improve immune system,promotes cardiovascular health,repair and regenerate damaged cells
~Combats cellular damage caused by free radicals,help to prevent tumor cell growth.
~Maintains healthy glucose metabolism and give us an excellent chance of avoiding chronic degenerative diseases.
~The Essentials is the foundation of USANA’s nutritional system,add other optimizers to customize to your individual needs.


Rm 200

Provides superior antioxidant protecyion with a synergistic blend of grape seed extract and Ploy C,helps to beautify skin,reduces the appearancent of ageing skin,protect the skin against UV-incluced oxidative stress.
~Supports cardiovascular health and boost healthy immune system.
~Using innovative “hybrid technology”to combine two formulations into one bilayer table.
~Unique bioflavomoid supp;ementl Anti-aging,anti-cancer,anti inflammation.
~One of the most potent antioxidant.
~Helps to suppress oxidation of melanin,protect collagen,improve skin elasticity and brighness.
~Promotes whitening and pigmentation,reduce wrinkles,enhances skin moisture and overall complexion.

~Proflavanol C独特的生物异黄酮营养补充品结合了超强的葡萄籽萃取物以及高效能的维生素C的完美组合可以帮助维持,改变皮肤老化,保护肌肤免受紫外线引起的氧化破坏,及有效去除自由基能满足你长久健康的需要。

Rm 180

Rm 182

Rm 102

Provides calcium,magnesium,vitamin D3 and silicon for bone health,uses an optimal combination of calcium citrate and carbonate,for best absorption by the body,without causing any crystalline stone formation in body
~Promotes healthy musde contraction,blood clotting,neural function and cell division.
~Regulates digestion,energy and fat metabolism,regulates blood pressure,prevent constipation.
~Supports optimal bone health and reduces the risk of osteoporosis,improves calcium imineralization in the bone matrix.
~Reduce migraine,cramp,insomnia,angina.


Rm 82

Provides high potency glucosamine sulfate to promote optimal joint,firming body,
~Contains fast-acting turmeric extract,improves joint metabolism and reduces joint pain.
~Supports healthy cartilage and collagen,helps to lubricate the joint and promotes collagen.
~Promote the well functioning of joints in the body.
~Suitable for athletes and those with arthritis problem.


Rm 99

Rm 90

Rm 130

Rm 139

Rm 118

Functions ;Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis movement,normalize bowel movement,sweeps out fecal residue,promote growth of beneficial bacteria.
Reduce ;Diabetes mellitus,high blood cholesterol,skin problem,systemic lupus enythematosus (SLE),constipation.
Suitable ;People who always eat out,seldom consume fruits and vegetable,will help in reduction of toxins accumulated in the body.
Advantage ;14 sources of dietary fiber,contain 10-20 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber in each serving,twice the amount of other fiber products.

功效 ;促进肠道蠕动,使排便功能正常化,帮助排掉宿便,促进肠道内益菌生长。
适用者 ;常外食者,很少吃蔬菜水果的人,毒素累积身体的人。
与众不同;14种不同种类天然来源的紆維素,水溶性及排水溶性紆維素比例为理想的2:1,每杯(2勺220ml)含10-20公克紆維素,比同类产 品多达2倍。

Rm 125

Rm 189

Rm 189

~With an improved supplement providing immediate and long term nutrient support to the prostate for men.
~Composing of a comprehensive formulatiom of clinically proven saw palmeto,plus iycopene and soy isoflavones.
~Cortains all natural botanical components,which are standardized extracts,guaranteed for potencty.


Rm 125

Rm 494